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June 10- Snoop Sisters Watch-Along!

Columbo wasn’t the only detective in the NBC Mystery Movie bullpen! Join us Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT for an episode of Snoop Sisters, guest-starring (deep breath) Vincent Price, Burt Convy, David Huddleston, William DeVane, Mort Sahl, Katherine Helmond, and Roddy MacDowall with the sisters themselves, Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick.

It’ll be in our chat room on

Next on Just One More Thing: “Murder is a Parlor Game”

Coming back soon from a hiatus with a Mrs Columbo episode, “Murder is a Parlor Game.” Don’t let the fact that it stars Donald Pleasance as the killer fool you. If you’d like to take a look beforehand, it does seem to be available on YouTube at the moment, but… well, that’s on you. Joining in the discussion will be returning guests Jennifer Wright (Harper’s Bazaar, Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them) and Daniel Kibblesmith (Late Show with Stephen Colbert).

We Ain’t Winnin’

Murder is no game. Well, except for “The Most Dangerous Match,” wherein chess genius Laurence Harvey is terrified at the prospect of losing to someone even more genius-er than he is. Instead of just playing harder, he tries to kill his opponent by shoving him into what passes for early-70s green technology (a massive garbage crushing machine). When that doesn’t quite work, Columbo investigates the not-quite-yet-a-murder, trying to stay one move ahead of this Bobby Fisher analogue, putting his dreams of getting away with it in check. Appropriately, game designer Nathan Paoletta is the guest, helping Jon and RJ put the pieces in place. Games.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Troubled Waters”

Season Four’s “Troubled Waters” welcomes Robert Vaughn aboard as a scheming used car dealer who murders a past fling on a pleasure cruise. However, he didn’t figure on Lt. Columbo happening to be on the exact same boat. Ship. Boat. No, ship. Richard Massara returns to the podcast to swab the decks. The episode’s available on DVD and (briefly) Netflix Instant.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Lady in Waiting”

Sticking with season one, we’ll be talking about “Lady in Waiting,” which features Susan Clark as a wealthy woman who kills her domineering older brother. It’s on DVD and Netflix Instant. Joining Jon and RJ will be writers Daniel Kibblesmith (Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and Jennifer Wright (It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History).

Next on Just One More Thing: “Death Lends a Hand”

Yes, finally, a Robert Culp episode. From season one, “Death Lends a Hand,” in which Culp, as the head of a detective agency, is tasked to help Columbo solve a murder he committed. Guest JD Ryznar (Yacht Rock, Channel 101) will be here to help us talk about how awesome that is. It’s on Netflix instant, if you’d like to watch along.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Make Me a Perfect Murder”

On the next show, we’ll discuss “Make Me a Perfect Murder,” a season seven tale of television violence and unwanted neck rubs. Writers and critics Donna Bowman (The AV Club) and Noel Murray (The Dissolve, The AV Club) will be along for the ride. The episode is on Netflix instant and DVD.