June 10- Snoop Sisters Watch-Along!

Columbo wasn’t the only detective in the NBC Mystery Movie bullpen! Join us Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT for an episode of Snoop Sisters, guest-starring (deep breath) Vincent Price, Burt Convy, David Huddleston, William DeVane, Mort Sahl, Katherine Helmond, and Roddy MacDowall with the sisters themselves, Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick. It’ll be in our […]

We Ain’t Winnin’

Murder is no game. Well, except for “The Most Dangerous Match,” wherein chess genius Laurence Harvey is terrified at the prospect of losing to someone even more genius-er than he is. Instead of just playing harder, he tries to kill his opponent by shoving him into what passes for early-70s green technology (a massive garbage crushing machine). When that […]

Next on Just One More Thing: “Make Me a Perfect Murder”

On the next show, we’ll discuss “Make Me a Perfect Murder,” a season seven tale of television violence and unwanted neck rubs. Writers and critics Donna Bowman (The AV Club) and Noel Murray (The Dissolve, The AV Club) will be along for the ride. The episode is on Netflix instant and DVD. http://thecitydesk.net/justonemorething/audio/onemore19promo.mp3Podcast: Play in […]