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Next on Just One More Thing: “Troubled Waters”

Season Four’s “Troubled Waters” welcomes Robert Vaughn aboard as a scheming used car dealer who murders a past fling on a pleasure cruise. However, he didn’t figure on Lt. Columbo happening to be on the exact same boat. Ship. Boat. No, ship. Richard Massara returns to the podcast to swab the decks. The episode’s available on DVD and (briefly) Netflix Instant.


  1. Oddly enough, this is my favorite episode of Columbo. I know it’s not the best, but it’s just so much fun. I mean Columbo in a Hawaiian shirt! Patrick Macnee as a ship captain. Also, conclusive proof that there is in fact a Mrs. Columbo!

  2. Ross Coe Ross Coe

    I liked it, for the reasons above, but also the fact that he had to improvise without much of a crew or detection kit but was able to figure it all out… plus what a cast!

  3. Lisa Stein Lisa Stein

    Have liked this episode more over the past couple of years. Columbo in raincoat on cruise ship is great. I have never been on cruise, but would be greatly disappointed if went on one and lounge singer didn’t do Volare.

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