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  1. Joe Joe

    A real inspiration, guys, and a fun way to forget about the lockdown for a while. Let’s do it agaoin, for sure.

    “Anonymous Horse”

    BTW, COZI TV has been rerunning the 90s Columbo episodes. I’ve been subjecting myself to them and then listening to your podcast again. They help me make sense of things in my mind. Last Saturday was the infamous George Wendt episode.

    • RJ RJ

      I saw a bit of that! And then turned away.

  2. Jason Brown Jason Brown

    rbe2020 here. Sorry jI couldn’t join in the live audio chat, but everyone else in my house was asleep!

    That was a thoroughly enjoyable watch through, and if you want to do some more, I’m game. Many thanks!

    • RJ RJ

      No reason for a sorry and we’ll definitely try it again.

  3. Dave Dave

    I couldn’t type comments because I “watched” while driving home from work, but just wanted to say “thank you” for doing this and I will definitely join again if you host further episodes. The JOMT podcast remains my all-time favorite. I loved every one and miss hearing you guys every week/month/etc.

    • RJ RJ

      Oh, thank you! And we’ll definitely be trying it again.

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