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Next on Just One More Thing: “Murder by the Book”

Next time, we’re going back to the beginning- season one, episode one. It’s a discussion of “Murder by the Book,” with Gwen Ihnat (The AV Club). If you’d like to watch beforehand, it’s available on DVD or Netflix Watch Instantly.

Also:  Gwen’s AV Club piece, “10 episodes that show why Columbo is the most iconic TV detective of all time.”

Next on Just One More Thing: “Identity Crisis”

For the next edition, we’ll be looking at season five’s “Identity Crisis,” with guest Molly Eichel (Philadelphia Daily News, AV Club). It’s on the Netflix Watch Instantly and DVD, so give a watch if you can and play along at home. It’s a Patrick McGoohan one and this guest might not hate Columbo, so here’s hoping!