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Month: April 2015

A Black Mass in San Francisco


From season six, it’s “The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case,” in which Columbo has to solve a murder committed at a club for some of the world’s foremost minds that isn’t Mensa. Comedian and podcaster Richard Massara ( joins us from the UK to talk about the episode, as well as why the heck Columbo never left their TV sets over the years. Also- Jamie Lee Curtis? Quincy? Jon’s I.Q. at age 11?

I’m Just Another Cop

Episode 15 (Murder By The Book)

For our latest, we go back to Columbo‘s first episode (yes, yes- there was the TV movie and then the pilot, but this is the first episode), directed by a young go-getter named Steven Spielberg. It’s Jack Cassidy’s first turn as a murderous creep, killing his writing partner (Martin Milner), rather than letting him break up the team. Joining us is The AV Club‘s Gwen Ihnat, who wrote a wonderful column about Columbo‘s best episodes a little while ago.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Murder by the Book”

Next time, we’re going back to the beginning- season one, episode one. It’s a discussion of “Murder by the Book,” with Gwen Ihnat (The AV Club). If you’d like to watch beforehand, it’s available on DVD or Netflix Watch Instantly.

Also:  Gwen’s AV Club piece, “10 episodes that show why Columbo is the most iconic TV detective of all time.”