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Month: November 2014

Next on Just One More Thing: “Caviar with Everything”

So, next time? Well, it’s “Caviar with Everything,” which isn’t exactly a Columbo episode, so much as a Mrs. Columbo episode. It is our holiday “gift” to you, the listener. Returning guest Mallory Ortberg (, Texts from Jane Eyre) will be joining us to discuss whatever this is. It’s not on Netflix Instant, just on the DVDs and whatever Betamax cassette you have from your grandmother’s basement that also has episodes of Quincy, M.E. and Happy Days.

Be Seeing You

Episode Card_S01E08 (Ep8)-2

Patrick McGoohan- actor, director, murderer. He’s a triple threat! Molly Eichel (AV Club, Philadelphia Daily News) joins Jon and RJ to talk about “Identity Crisis,” a season five episode directed by McGoohan and co-starring Leslie Nielsen (for the first 20 minutes, at least). Spies, lies, fancy houses, CIA agents, amusement parks, halter tops and class issues aplenty await.


Next on Just One More Thing: “Identity Crisis”

For the next edition, we’ll be looking at season five’s “Identity Crisis,” with guest Molly Eichel (Philadelphia Daily News, AV Club). It’s on the Netflix Watch Instantly and DVD, so give a watch if you can and play along at home. It’s a Patrick McGoohan one and this guest might not hate Columbo, so here’s hoping!