Next on Just One More Thing: “Caviar with Everything”

So, next time? Well, it’s “Caviar with Everything,” which isn’t exactly a Columbo episode, so much as a Mrs. Columbo episode. It is our holiday “gift” to you, the listener. Returning guest Mallory Ortberg (, Texts from Jane Eyre) will be joining us to discuss whatever this is. It’s not on Netflix Instant, just on the DVDs and whatever Betamax cassette you have from your grandmother’s basement that also has episodes of Quincy, M.E. and Happy Days.

10 comments on “Next on Just One More Thing: “Caviar with Everything”

  1. Sometimes your podcast is enjoyable, but sometimes it sucks especially when your guests have never seen Columbo. You should have Andy Ihnatko as a guest, you can learn a great deal from him, it will do your podcast a great service.

    1. Right on, John! Sometimes I get the feeling that these clowns don’t even think about their paying customers and just have fun making the podcast they wanna make! Unbelievable!

  2. I don’t get it. With all the Columbo episodes there is to do you choose to do a Mrs Columbo?

    I watched about 10 minutes of a Mrs Columbo episode once. That was enough for me.

  3. Mrs. Columbo is an odd choice..bored with format already? But you deserve credit for bringing back Mallory, she’s terrific

  4. I’m hoping this episode is released soon. Not so that I can listen to it, but so that you’re past it and can get back to actual Columbo.

    I’m surprised the podcast doesn’t cover episodes in chronological order. If you did, Kate Mulgrew would be 12 when Prescription Murder aired.

  5. I’m actually quite happy to have a break in the format once in a while, and I think that this show has been going long enough to do something different for an episode. Mrs. Columbo is related enough to make it relevant for this podcast.

    I watched the episode in question yesterday. It’s only about an hour out of my life, and I’ve certainly spent more time with less worthwhile things. Still, it’s pretty easy to see why, when asked about Mrs Columbo, everyone involved with the real show had nothing good to say about it.

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