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Next on Just One More Thing: “Lady in Waiting”

Sticking with season one, we’ll be talking about “Lady in Waiting,” which features Susan Clark as a wealthy woman who kills her domineering older brother. It’s on DVD and Netflix Instant. Joining Jon and RJ will be writers Daniel Kibblesmith (Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and Jennifer Wright (It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History).


  1. Lisa S Lisa S

    Looking forward to it. Has the oddest combo of weird music and eating bon bons that have every witnessed. Some interesting tidbits:

    -Susan Clark’s future co-star Emmanuel Lewis was about 9 months old when this episode aired.
    -Columbo driving scene about 45 minutes into show, I believe is part of same driving scene seen in last show you reviewed- Death Lends a Hand (16 minutes in).

  2. John John

    Love the podcast gentlemen! I’ve been a fan for years of Peter Falk and Columbo, but just recently re-discovered Columbo and have been re-watching the shows that correspond to your reviews. Love the insight and I typically whole-heartedly agree with the opinions. I was bit surprised you guys weren’t a bigger fan of the Identity Crisis episode/movie. I used to (in my younger years) not care much for the Patrick McGoohan characters, but I have discovered that is because he is a genius and his potrayals of his villains are brilliant and you love to hate his dark side. He is quirky, but imo deserves the accolades of Jack Cassidy and Robert Kulp, who I am also a big fan of, in fact Jack Cassidy is my favorite villain actor in the Columbo-verse… Keep up the great work on the podcast!

  3. Patrick Patrick

    Sorry for posting late but I am slowly catching up by listening to podcasts of my favorite episodes.

    A side note… my sister and I shared a place for close to a decade and got along fine.

    It was good to have a roommate that you knew you could trust and wouldn’t skip out on the bills or do something else rotten.

    Wouldn’t Leslie have made an awesome killer though ?

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