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I Get Paid Not to Count


“Lady in Waiting” stars Susan Clark as Beth Chadwick, heiress to the fabled Chadwick advertising fortune. When she shoots her brother after years of his holding her back and trying to sabotage her relationship with Leslie Nielsen, Columbo is the only one who sees not a tragic accident, but a calculated murder. Daniel Kibblesmith (Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and Jennifer Wright (It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History) join Jon and RJ to talk about Strawberry Shortcake hats, 1971’s most popular whiskey, creepy haunted baby dolls, the best way to propose to someone on Wall Street and oh, so much more.


  1. Lisa S Lisa S

    Enjoying the podcast. About half-way through. Jon – is it, “Just One More Thing, Stories from my Life” that you are reading? Sounds interesting. Thanks again, Lisa

    • Yep, that’s the book! It’s a fun read, light and conversational. I’d definitely recommend it for Falk fans.

      • LIsa S LIsa S

        Appreciate it! Lisa

  2. Chana Masaledar Chana Masaledar

    Nice work, as usual. This episode was particularly funny. “The dog gave his brother mange.” You guys crack me up.

  3. Lisa Stein Lisa Stein

    So funny! I have to admit, I usually don’t listen after the plugs start. This one I did, and was so funny (about trying to get in the door). Now I have to go back and listen to the last 2-3 minutes of all of the podcasts.

  4. Lisa Stein Lisa Stein

    Been trying to locate that burger drive- in that Columbo goes to. Think the wrapper may say, “T-Burgers.” Found a T-Burgers at 226 W Foothill Blvd – only about 20 minutes from Universal Studios. May have been the place. Lisa

    • Brilliant! I’ll add it to the Columbo tour list, it’d be great if it were still there!

  5. Chana Masaledar Chana Masaledar

    I hope this image shows up. I wish I could get some of these, but I doubt that’s possible nowadays.

  6. Chana Masaledar Chana Masaledar

    Sorry, didn’t work. It’s an ad for a set of “Detective Scissors.” Columbo is one of the detectives featured — in scissor form!

  7. Chana Masaledar Chana Masaledar

    Yes, that’s it.

    Initially I thought it was an ad for something real from the 1970s, but a second look made me suspicious. It’s fun anyway.

  8. Nora Bennington Nora Bennington

    Interesting podcast about one of my fave Columbo episodes but, one comment. The woman on the podcast makes it hard to listen to – she has one of those voices that sound like she’s constantly crying. May be petty, but it’s really pronounced and quite odd to listen to.

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