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Month: June 2015

A Blue Horse


TitleCard_Suitable For FramingIn “Suitable For Framing,” Ross Martin is an art critic who kills his uncle in an elaborate plot to gain control of the old man’s valuable art collection. Jon did not like this. Returning guest Manning Krull and RJ did. It is sometimes odd and Don Ameche’s voice is like smooth, smooth velvet. Anyway, this edition of the podcast reveals both Jon and RJ’s depressing origins for knowing about all of this pop culture junk! Fun!

Next on Just One More Thing: “Suitable for Framing”

On the next show, we’ll be discussing season one’s “Suitable for Framing,” in which Ross Martin offs his uncle to get control of the old man’s valuable art collection. Also, Vic Tayback as some sort of laid back post-hippie artist? Crazy, man. Manning Krull returns to the program to talk about the whole crazy thing. The episode is available on Netflix Instant and DVD.

Let’s Go to the Party, Carl

TitleCard_Make Me A Perfect Murder

In “Make Me a Perfect Murder,” Trish Van Devere is a network TV up-and-comer who figures she’ll get her big break once her boss/special night friend is put in charge of the entire joint. That does not happen, so she shoots him dead and concocts a plan for escaping discovery with far too many moving parts. Fighting through a case of whiplash, Columbo is able to figure through the whole thing. Also, Lainie Kazan plays some Judy Garland analogue? Donna Bowman (The AV Club) and Noel Murray (The DissolveThe AV Club) join Jon and RJ for the hugs and neck rubs.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Make Me a Perfect Murder”

On the next show, we’ll discuss “Make Me a Perfect Murder,” a season seven tale of television violence and unwanted neck rubs. Writers and critics Donna Bowman (The AV Club) and Noel Murray (The Dissolve, The AV Club) will be along for the ride. The episode is on Netflix instant and DVD.