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Next on Just One More Thing: “Death Lends a Hand”

Yes, finally, a Robert Culp episode. From season one, “Death Lends a Hand,” in which Culp, as the head of a detective agency, is tasked to help Columbo solve a murder he committed. Guest JD Ryznar (Yacht Rock, Channel 101) will be here to help us talk about how awesome that is. It’s on Netflix instant, if you’d like to watch along.


  1. Lisa S Lisa S

    Ooh! I knew a Culp one had to be coming. Can’t be long before Double Exposure! Looking forward to this one. Some great sunglass usage during murder. Lisa

  2. A perfect score on the Columbo Rubric

    1. Murderer and victim live at the beach
    2. Hollywood Golden Age star slumming it: Ray Milland
    3. Mentions wife

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