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Barney, Shut Up

All In The Game_Episode

In “It’s All in the Game,” Faye Dunaway is a very wealthy woman (who throws awful-looking parties) plotting with Claudia Christian to murder the gambling Lothario who’s been two-timing them both. When Lt. Columbo is assigned to the case, Dunaway tries to distract him with gifts, smooching and cocktail dates. Wait, what? Columbo, unfaithful to Mrs. Columbo? Say it ain’t so! Well, turns out it ain’t. Who’s playing the game in the title? You might be surprised. A very patient Carolita Johnson (The New Yorker, returns to the show to listen to Jon and RJ jabber incessantly about Cheers robots, kink shaming, John Finnegan, lesbian signifiers and oh, so much more.


  1. Lisa S Lisa S

    great podcast – thanks! Really enjoyed.

    • Lisa S Lisa S

      As an aside – if you ever do a Murder She Wrote podcast – I’m in!

  2. Chana Masaledar Chana Masaledar

    If I were a casting director, the “She’s my daughter” plot element would have caused me to say “Get anybody but Faye Dunaway.” But the episode worked pretty well anyway, which maybe indicates why I’m not a casting director.

    Falk wasn’t a casting director either, so we can’t fault him for having written a couple of scenes where he gets to make out with Faye Dunaway.

    Nice work, and I hope everyone is healthy now. (Surgery!? What?) And I hope Jon had fun in L.A.

  3. This is the first time you guys have picked an episode that I could not sit through. I just couldn’t deal with sexy dad Columbo taken to the explosive level. This was the funniest episodes of the podcast to date. I actually had to shut off the ear blowing part because I was listening with headphones at work and it was just too hard to suppress my laughter.

    Since the consensus was that it gets easier on subsequent viewings maybe I will give it another try…

  4. Nick Nick

    Just re-listening to this episode – when you guys bring up the cigar, I always thought the cigar reference in this episode was a throwback to Faye Dunaway’s performance in ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, where Bonnie takes photos with a cigar in her mouth (which is based on real photos of Bonnie Parker). Just my two cents.

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