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Next on Just One More Thing: “A Case of Immunity”

What happens when a foreign diplomat starts killing off embassy staff? Can Columbo even touch him without sparking an international incident? Find out, in Season Five’s “A Case of Immunity.” Joining to discuss will be law professor Emily Houh.


  1. Jim S Jim S

    I never liked this episode. Has the same problem as the George Wendt episode.

    • Jason Brown Jason Brown

      Ooh, no. It has questionable issues, sure, but there’s lots to like about this one. But certainly ‘of it’s time’. And certainly better than the George Wendt one!

      PS: as that increasingly mythical episode approaches, who’s going to be the guest? I can see three logical choices…

      – for completion and nice symmetry, Leonard Pierce
      – for sheer quality, the best guest, Richard Massara
      – and for sheer car crash factor, Aaron Bleyaert…

      • Chana Masaledar Chana Masaledar

        Not Bleyaert for the last episode, please. I want it to be fun.

        • You’ll get Bleyaert and you’ll like it!

  2. Jason Brown Jason Brown

    Will the guest on this one talk about, among other things, the legal soundness of Columbo convictions?

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