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Here’s to Your Pension


In “A Matter of Honor,” Ricardo Montalban plays Luis Montoya, a legendary matador and one of Mexico’s national heroes. When, retirement, he freezes up when trying to save a young man from being gored, he cannot let the potential humiliation stand, opting to instead murder the trusted assistant who witnessed the incident. Wouldn’t you know it, though- Lt. Columbo just happens to be visiting Mexico that very day and is unofficially roped into the investigation by the local police. Laura Coleman is on the program to talk about the episode, bullfighting, the amazing career of Emilio Fernandez and oh, so much more.


  1. Lisa Stein Lisa Stein

    Nothing better than a new podcast on Monday morning commute from Philly to Trenton. Great guest. Love the way you all say “Montalban.” Reminds of phony phone to George Takai years ago. Thanks again, Lisa

  2. Chana Masaledar Chana Masaledar

    I thought the ending to this Columbo was a little pat, but otherwise I liked it pretty well. Falk and Montalban worked very well together.

  3. I liked Laura’s theory that Columbo is a celestial being. It fits with Peter Falk playing himself in Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire, and the implication that he could see angels and was therefore a former angel himself. Perhaps if Falk was himself a celestial being he imbued that into the role and that’s how Laura is picking up on it. I also would ship Sanchez with Columbo and support a Wings of Desire/Matter of Honor AU where they hung out on the rooftops of Mexico City saying pretentious stuff to one other to the backdrop of gorgeous black and white photography.

  4. Robert Reyes Robert Reyes

    I’m playing catch-up with the podcast. So this episode is canon, and the reason for that is Commandant Sanchez says that he learned about Columbo after he solved that murder on a cruise ship in Troubled Waters. He said it was national news in Mexico.

  5. TJ Meier TJ Meier

    This guest was likey not the best choice for this podcast. Unaware that RM was in Fantasy Island? An episode starring the legendary RM and he’s rarely mentioned or discussed? A rare miss here…

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