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Month: September 2016

Here’s to Your Pension


In “A Matter of Honor,” Ricardo Montalban plays Luis Montoya, a legendary matador and one of Mexico’s national heroes. When, retirement, he freezes up when trying to save a young man from being gored, he cannot let the potential humiliation stand, opting to instead murder the trusted assistant who witnessed the incident. Wouldn’t you know it, though- Lt. Columbo just happens to be visiting Mexico that very day and is unofficially roped into the investigation by the local police. Laura Coleman is on the program to talk about the episode, bullfighting, the amazing career of Emilio Fernandez and oh, so much more.

Next on Just One More Thing: “A Matter of Honor”

When you’re one of Mexico’s national heroes, it just doesn’t do to have someone going about who has witnessed your act of true cowardice. That’s just the problem revered matador Ricardo Montalban faces in season five’s “A Matter of Honor,” and he finds no way out except murder. Laura Coleman ( joins Jon and RJ to discuss. The episode is available on Netflix Instant and DVD.

Pocket-Sized Hemingway


When a best selling author tries to leave Riley Greenleaf’s (played by Jack Cassidy) publishing company, the smooth, smarmy operator sees no choice but to have the writer killed, then blow up the creep he hired to do the deed. “Publish or Perish” is the last Jack Cassidy Columbo episode we’ll be covering, and it’s a doozy. Mickey Spillane! Bomb-making books! Bad interior design! Chili with catsup! Alan Fudge! The Valley! Leonard Pierce ( returns to the podcast to give it all a good look-over.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Publish or Perish”

Our next episode is a Jack Cassidy one! He plays a sleazy publisher who hires a bomb freak to murder Mickey Spillane (really) and then kills the killer. It’s a darn good one, and Leonard Pierce comes back to the podcast to talk all about it. If you’d like to check it beforehand, it’s on DVD and Netflix Instant.