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Next on Just One More Thing: “Etude In Black”

Next podcast – “Etude In Black,” with John Cassavettes! Listen to see who else, plus, our special guest! The episode is available on Netflix Watch Instantly or on DVD, if you’d like to get ready.


  1. Lewis P Lewis P

    Is there any reason you guys aren’t going through the episodes in order? I know it doesn’t matter as much for a show like this, but I was still curious.

    • Editor Editor

      We’ve been mostly letting the guests choose ones they like, since we’re just starting out. If they don’t have one, then we’ll suggest for them, just kind of bouncing around.

  2. When is this going live? I can’t wait! This is my favorite episode after Short Fuse!

    • Editor Editor

      Should be up by Tuesday. Of course, having said that, I have probably horribly cursed things.

      • Great! Can’t wait!
        Say, you wouldn’t want to have a New Yorker cartoonist on sometime, would ya? Maybe for the Short Fuse one? Me, me, me! (Or, if you don’t like me, I could probably get one of my friends for you.) ;0)

  3. Calum Calum

    Can you go back to mentioning in the preview which season the episode you’re discussing aired in? I mean, obviously it’s easy enough to Google, but I’d rather not have to check for myself every time.

    • Editor Editor

      It is the first episode of season two.

    • Sure, we’ll make it a point to give those deets with the episode previews.

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