Next on Just One More Thing: “Requiem for a Falling Star”

Tell the landscaper to get away from that fountain- our next one is Season Two’s “Requiem for a Falling Star.” Past guest Nate Patrin (Vice sports) returns to talk about has-been Anne Baxter becoming a murder-been (?). It’s available on Netflix instant and the DVDs, if you want to catch it before the podcast.

2 comments on “Next on Just One More Thing: “Requiem for a Falling Star”

  1. So excited! Love this one. Anne Baxter’s over-the-top style is fantastic. Also love the Edith Head appearance. Lastly, Anne Baxter tries to charm Columbo by supplying him with a new tie – even before Faye Dunaway did. She didn’t blow in his ear, however.

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