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Next on Just One More Thing: “Requiem for a Falling Star”

Tell the landscaper to get away from that fountain- our next one is Season Two’s “Requiem for a Falling Star.” Past guest Nate Patrin (Vice sports) returns to talk about has-been Anne Baxter becoming a murder-been (?). It’s available on Netflix instant and the DVDs, if you want to catch it before the podcast.


  1. Lisa Stein Lisa Stein

    So excited! Love this one. Anne Baxter’s over-the-top style is fantastic. Also love the Edith Head appearance. Lastly, Anne Baxter tries to charm Columbo by supplying him with a new tie – even before Faye Dunaway did. She didn’t blow in his ear, however.

  2. Wow. Kinda barely remembered this one. Just rewatched it. One of the best. Really looking forward to the episode.

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