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Next on Just One More Thing: “Strange Bedfellows”

So it’s come to this. Our final show. Season thirteen’s “Strange Bedfellows,” (AKA The George Wendt Episode) in which the comedian plays a racehorse breeder whose brother is in deep to the mob. Kills the brother, kills a mob guy, there you go. WILL HE GET AWAY WITH IT? Who can say? Leonard Pierce will be our final guest.


  1. Robert Weijers Robert Weijers

    The dreaded George Wendt episode.. Just watched it in anticipation of the last podcast, and I have to say, the clunky plot and Mr Wendt’s questionable acting aside, there’s still a lot to enjoy for columbophiles worldwide, most of all Peter Falk. Bittersweet, looking forward to this podcast episode..

  2. G Foster G Foster

    I was going to re-watch this episode last night but decided to soak my eyeballs in oven cleaner for 24h just to make sure they’re nice & clean first. I could put in on tonight, but maybe I should clean my ear canals with boiling drain cleaner before I put it on….

    • Jon Morris Jon Morris

      Trust me, five minutes into this episode and you’ll find yourself missing how the oven cleaner tickled.

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