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Next on Just One More Thing: You, maybe?

Our next-to-last show will largely be Jon and I discussing Columbo, giving our best-of and worst-of lists, etc. But, we want your questions, too! About Columbo, about the podcast, whatever! Leave them in the comments here, send them to, or post them to our Twitter, @jomtpodcast.


  1. Nick Nick

    I am curious how you both met, and what prompted you to undertake this 5-year odyssey about Columbo (specifically, since you both have many shows you mutually enjoy, I wonder why this particular show stuck out to you to do a podcast about). I must say, I have enjoyed and saved every single episode of JOMT, even the Bleyaert (spelling?) ones. Thank you for many hours of Columbo enjoyment and hope to see you soon with another podcast!

  2. Nick Nick

    Oh, and I forgot to add, what software do you use for your recording and editing?

  3. Lisa Stein Lisa Stein

    You guys are great. The more I try to find “replacement” podcasts, the more I realize how good this podcast is. You are smart, funny, and know your topic. I wondered:

    -Will you both ever watch Columbo episodes solely for enjoyment again, or did doing the podcast change that for you?
    -If you were to do another podcast – is there a particular show or topic that you have in mind?
    -Did you ever both record one of the podcasts in the same place/location?
    -Not naming names – but did you ever have a guest where after 5 minutes you thought – this was a bad idea?
    -Has there ever been a time when you had to redo a podcast for any technical reasons?

    Thanks again!

  4. Richard Massara Richard Massara

    Other than Richard Massara, who has been your most handsome guest?

  5. Michelle Michelle

    I’ve been with you since the beginning and other than your first take on “Now You See Him,” I’ve really enjoyed the podcast.

    –I’m sure you went into this with opinions about the episodes. After re-watching and discussing for the podcast, was there any particular one that you really changed your mind about?

    –What’s next for you guys?

  6. Cathy Cathy

    Firstly, thanks for producing such a terrific series of podcasts. After listening to other podcasts, yours is the gold standard – Smart, funny, informative and with genuine insight. This has made my rewatch episodes from a different perspective. And the guests are terrific. I will miss your podcasts and hope you continue with another (or maybe new reviews with different guests!)

    What I would be interested to know is did your perceptions of the 90s Columbos change after reviewing them. Most of the podcasts make damning comments about the 90s, but it seems that many of the reviews concluded they weren’t as bad as you assumed (except for the McBains and presumably the Wendt – which I can’t bring myself to watch either).

    Any chance of getting interviews with surviving actors from this series?

  7. Jason Brown Jason Brown

    A few conversations starters…

    – a) Re a reboot – have you seen Mark Ruffalo in Zodiac? He is a bow-tie away from Columbo.
    – b) Re a reboot – could it actually work in this day and age? Or could / should it be a period piece?
    – c) Re a reboot – who would be the best director / writer for a new series?
    – d) Re the 90’s episodes : which do you think had the most potential, but blew it?
    – e) Columbo overall…how does it compare to the ‘great’ detective / police series? Hugely influential, but compare it to, say, The Wire? (an U.S point of view might different from how we see it here in England)
    – f) We know there has been one pod do-over (Now You See Him – and both good fun): are there any other pods you might have done differently?
    -g) the format has been remarkably consistent over the last near-five years; has it seemed like that to you, or do you feel it’s changed at all, subtly?
    -h) finally…which episode of the pod do you think got the closest to your intentions for it.

    Many thanks, looking forward to your Danger Theatre podcast…
    – f)

  8. Tony Tony

    Are there any “good” episodes that could have been “great” episodes, with just a few minor tweaks?

  9. TJ Meier TJ Meier

    Would be interested in your Top 10 list on 70s villains that should’ve reprised in the 80s/90s/00s incarnation, but didn’t. The biggest weakness of the latter Columbos was the terrible quality (even down to basic name recognition) of the murderers. Who should’ve come back, but didn’t? And why?

  10. James James

    Sorry to hear that this will be the last one. I have enjoyed your laid back analysis – often podcasters try too hard and are annoying to listen to. I would never suggest what you guys should do next, but the podcast world is itching for a good cult movie analysis series…..

  11. Love your podcast! Makes watching Columbo even more delightful. Just wondering what was up with RJ sounding like autotune 😉 and what snacks or drinks did you enjoy watching Columbo? (As a youngster I once smoked one of my grandfather’s cigars along with an episode.. felt so dizzy.. )

  12. Tony S. Tony S.

    Since your next-to-last show will include “best-of and worst-of” lists, will you be discussing the best-of and worst-of JOMT podcasts? Don’t get me wrong, like Columbo, I think all of your podcasts are great (really!)

  13. Joe Joe

    How about that legal hour you promised us? I’d love to hear a conversation about which Columbo killers would be convicted, which would be exonerated, and which would never come to trial. You and your lawyer friend could do a whole show on that topic.

    • Jason Brown Jason Brown

      The Columbo Legal Hour? Sounds like a version of Judge Judy (or over here in the UK, Judge Rinder / Crown Court)

      Also, did that Columbo Playlist ever get created?

  14. TJ Meier TJ Meier

    The Ultimate Columbo UK site provides a nice verdict list for all murders’ trials. Check it out.

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