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Next on Just One More Thing: “Columbo Cries Wolf”

What happens when you have a murder without a body? You have season nine’s “Columbo Cries Wolf,” in which Columbo goes up against a skin mag impresario whose business partner goes missing. Tim Turner (Bitter Bastard┬áNerdcast) will be the guest.


  1. Jason Brown Jason Brown

    There are some interesting things in this episode…but I’m wagering this might be a bit of a Sex & The Married Detective podcast – hugely entertaining as Jon & RJ keep finding new things to not like about it.

    Still better than you know what though…

  2. Tim Turner Tim Turner

    Oh, Jason. You have NO idea……….

  3. Chana Masaledar Chana Masaledar

    So the situation is like this: ten days before you review a Columbo episode involving a Hugh Hefner-alike, the real Hugh Hefner dies. And a key plot line in the episode is milking an (apparent) death for publicity. I’m not insinuating anything; I just want you to help me understand this.

    Oh, I almost forgot: I hope the podcast talks about how the episode is fairly realistic until it suddenly turns into Strike Force Eagle 3: The Reckoning.

    • By the weirdest coincidence, we recorded on the actual day of Hefner’s death. Which is the second time this has happened, as we recorded the Troubled Waters episode on the day Bernard Fox died, too.

      We’re voodoo.

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