Next on Just One More Thing: “By Dawn’s Early Light”

Staying with the military theme, as we visit Season Four’s “By Dawn’s Early Light.” Columbo mainstay Patrick McGoohan is the commandant of a military academy who’d rather commit murder than see the institution become a co-ed prep school. Michael Grasso (Hold My Order Terrible Dresser) joins to discuss.

8 comments on “Next on Just One More Thing: “By Dawn’s Early Light”

  1. I really love this one. McGoohan is so good in this. The difference in acting styles between Falk and McGoohan really makes the scenes crackle.

  2. A legendarily good episode, with (I’d posit) the single creepiest delivery of any single word in the history of Columbo.

        1. Nope. Early on, when the morning coffee is brought in, with the poorly polished (allegedly) shoes…..


          What is in his mind? Sure as heck doesn’t sound Army issue…

          1. Ha, true. It’s nicely implied throughout the episode that Rumford is a violent oaf who narrowly masks his bad behavior behind an officious facade. Plus, McGoohan is awful damn good at this acting thing …

  3. Oh, absolutely the best McGoohan performance by miles (though I hope a random ‘I know!’ will appear in the pod…)

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