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Taken by a Ham and a Tart

Dagger of the Mind_Ep 12

Gordon Bennett, it’s “Dagger of the Mind!” Fading theatrical couple Richard Basehart and Honor Blackman accidentally kill the producer they’ve been tricking into funding their production of that play you’re not supposed to say the name of. Can they get away with it? Well, you see, this detective by the name of Columbo just happens to be visiting London to review techniques at Scotland Yard and… the short answer is no. Manning Krull ( joins us to discuss blackmail, tax evasion, French Columbos and so much more.


  1. I have only one thing to add to this excellent episode of the podcast: Wilfrid Hyde-White’s mother was named Ethel Drought, which is the most straight-up Monty Python name I’ve ever heard.

  2. Carlos Carlos


    1.Thanks so much for explaining the penny on the governor thing. For some reason I was very annoyed by not understanding that line.

    2.When your guest was saying Columbo is popular in the UK, I wondered, even after “Dagger of the mind”?

    3.was “I’ll have your guts for garters” in the running?

    • RJ RJ

      Re: no. 3 – I didn’t even think of that one. That might not have been too bad.

      But “A ham and a tart” was just sitting right there.

  3. Manning Leonard Krull was a fun guest to hear and I enjoyed his perspective (and the hosts’ good-natured ribbing, and “the Scottish podcast”). Does having “Leonard” in one’s name greatly increase the chances of guesting on JOMT? Because my spouse, a Columbo fan and a scifi writer, is named Leonard, in case you’re looking. (We paused the podcast so he could explain the “Two Sheds” joke to me.)

    Jon, this was a top-form ep summary; thank you!

    The music selection at the end made me feel as though something really violent were about to happen regarding Francis Uruqhart….

  4. I love the “Honor and Off Her Joke”. Reminds me of Dusty Towne from SCTV 🙂

  5. Gaff In A Head Act Gaff In A Head Act

    “Sir Roger ‘Two Sheds’ Haversham”… an obscure reference that was absolutely priceless!!!

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