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  1. Carlos Carlos

    woo hoo! Not a great episode in my opinion, but i’m looking forward to hearing your take!

  2. We have come up with the perfect solution for making this episode brilliant in your mind’s eye. Listen in.

    • Carlos Carlos

      wow, i can’t imagine how you will accomplish that, but i hope you do, I’ll definitely be listening in.

  3. Mark D Mark D

    Dead Weight…the episode where Suzan Pleshette sets womens lib back 20 years.

    Enjoyed the cat and mouse fishing analogies between Falk and Albert, and how Columbo traps General Hollister with his own hubris. Loved Bert, the diner operator who makes Columbo his chilli and the little touches that helped make Columbo such a great series…the low key opening with Gil Melle’s music, the scene with Columbo talking to Officer Sanchez at night and you could hear the crickets ( some thing you never hear on tv today).

    Still, this was a middle of the road ep for me. Too many unbelievable actions by the characters. I mean, Hollister goes straight out the same night that Columbo questions him to find out who saw him, then goes to Helen’s house to tell her to watch the 11 o’clock news! Really?! And then the next day he goes round to see her at a petting zoo and ask her out for a drink?!! Come off it! And worst of all, she buys it!!
    So 65 year old Albert wines and dines 34 year old Pleshette (was she a recovering alcoholic and why did she pour 3 glasses for her and her mother?) and I’m thinking…hang on, was Viagra available in 1971?
    I’ll give it a 7 and it’s still better than nearly every single ep of the 80s-90s Columbo.

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