Next on Just One More Thing: “Murder, a Self Portrait”

Back to the latter-day Columbo, with 1989’s “Murder, a Self Portrait.” When a famous artist kills one of the three women in his life, the “Leftenant” has to a lot of sitting in black-and-white dream sequences to nab him. Returning as guest is podcaster (Hold My Order Terrible Dresser) and writer (We Are the Mutants), Michael Grasso.

9 comments on “Next on Just One More Thing: “Murder, a Self Portrait”

  1. Was doing the math. With this one in the can, there’s 5 left: Bedfellows, Conspirators, Crown, Playback, and I think Notes. Can’t wait for them all.

      1. Right you are. I’m lobbying to be a guest on the Donald P Mrs. Columbo. We shall see if my ticket to stardom gets punched. Make-up!

          1. Honestly, I’m tryna figure out a way to do a listener podcast, as we really do get a lot of requests to appear on the show AAAAND we like you guys.

  2. One thing I find interesting about the early “new” Columbo episodes is how many were written by well-established TV writers who’d never worked on Columbo before (e.g., William Read Woodfield, Jerry Ludwig, Sy Salkowitz). I seem to remember the hosts of The Columbo Podcast complaining that the writer of this episode didn’t know the format of Columbo, but, if I recall correctly, he’d written extensively for Barnaby Jones, and for at least the first season or two of that show (pre-Jedediah), viewers usually knew who the killer was and it was just a question of how Barnaby would uncover him.

    1. Huh, that is a fascinating take. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen an episode of Barnaby Jones, but I’ll have to check out a few now…

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