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Month: May 2016

Cadaveric Spasm

Episode Card - Forgotten Lady

In “Forgotten Lady,” Janet Leigh is Grace Wheeler, an actress from the heyday of big movie musicals, who wants nothing more than to once again feel the white hot heat of stardom. When her wealthy husband refuses to put up the scratch for her big comeback, she murders him and tries to make it look like a suicide. As Lt. Columbo digs deeper, however, the story proves to be even more tragic than that. Also discussed- Dorothy Kilgallen conspiracies, Angela Lansbury exercise videos and much, much more.

Jon and RJ are joined by Kevin Klawitter (@KevinKlawitter), who recently co-directed a stage production of Prescription Murder, the headwaters from which all things Columbo flow. In fact, the show is being staged again this August as a dinner theater production! Click here for tickets and details, if you’re in the Wadena/Fergus Falls/Battle Lake, MN area this summer.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Forgotten Lady”

“Forgotten Lady,” the season five premiere,  sees Janet Leigh as former song and dance star Janet Wheeler. When her husband vetoes the funding of her comeback, she murders him and makes it look like a suicide. Kevin Klawitter (who recently co-directed a stage production of “Prescription Murder”!) joins Jon and RJ to talk about the episode. This one is on Netflix instant, you may want to see it first, if you haven’t.