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Month: February 2016

Next on Just One More Thing: “An Exercise in Fatality”

Wipe off those machines when you’re done, because we’re going to talk about season four’s “An Exercise in Fatality.” Robert Conrad is a gym magnate/fitness flim-flam man who resorts to murder when someone’s about to expose his whole operation. Critic Phil Dyess-Nugent will be helping Jon and RJ maintain quality.

You Call That a Lining?

Episode Card - Agenda for Murder

GOTV! Time to vote for your candidate for killer with a mustache in a 90s Columbo who’s tripped up by not finishing a tiny snack. Your clear choice is Patrick McGoohan, in “Agenda for Murder.” McGoohan (who also directs) is Oscar Finch, a criminal defense attorney and political fixer whose ambitions are put in jeopardy when a racketeer threatens to expose some past sins in exchange for a favor. Instead of a favor, the guy gets a faked suicide. Not a good IOU. Anyway, it’s a great chance to see late-era Lt. Columbo go up against one of the best villains from the 70s run. Joining the show are guests Chris Sims (Movie Fighters, War Rocket Ajax, X-Men ’92) and Matt Wilson (Movie FightersWar Rocket Ajax, Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective).

Next on Just One More Thing: “Agenda for Murder”

After a break, we are back. This time, it’s still a 90s episode, but it’s a McGoohan! Season nine’s “Agenda for Murder,” which is directed by and stars Patrick McGoohan (Double-threat! Okay, triple-threat, if you count killing a guy). Chris Sims and Matt Wilson will join Jon and RJ on the discussion. The episode is available on DVD (or other wink-wink means) if you’d like to check it out beforehand.