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In the later episode, “Columbo Goes to College,” ┬áColumbo goes to a college. There you go.

Wait, no, there’s more- while Columbo’s at the college, guest lecturing before a criminology course, the┬áprofessor is murdered. Thankfully for justice, the Lieutenant was the one who drew the short straw to be there that night and get the case. Not so thankfully for the two rich frat guys who engineered the murder (Via a gun under the hood of a monster truck?), the Lieutenant was the one who drew the short straw to be there that night and get the case. Also, Robert Culp is sort of in this, but he doesn’t murder anyone, so that’s a bit of a wash. This was not an easy episode. Comedian Richard Massara returns to talk about the whole thing, along with murder cars, buckets of cocaine, and lots of imagined backstory.


  1. Another good one, guys. Love this guest. He’s been my favorite.
    For anyone that can’t find this one online (like me) it’s airing on the Hallmark Channel on January 4th. They have been running a bunch of the 90s ones.

    • Superb, thanks for the heads-up! And very glad you enjoyed the podcast!

  2. Lisa S Lisa S

    Don’t know if power of suggestion or not considering the show plot, but something about the podcast reminded me of a bunch of frat guys sitting around and bragging about their swackhamers.

    • To be fair, only Richard has a Swackhamer. I’ve got a Frederick King Keller and I’m reasonably informed that RJ has a William Lucking.

      • Lisa S Lisa S


  3. Nick S Nick S

    “…he was probably the person on ‘Saved By The Bell’ who was trying to convince someone to have an abortion.” I have nothing to add to this, guys, other than awesome, please keep it up. (And I would still love to hear your take on ‘Any Old Port In A Storm’.)

  4. Kevin Klawitter Kevin Klawitter

    Your idea of “different shows, plus Columbo” made me think that that so many of the antiheroes or insufferable geniuses on TV today are the sort of characters who would have been either murderers or victims on Columbo back in the day (this also fits into your ‘Columbo as television antibody’ theory). The pilot of “Empire”, for instance, could serve as a near-perfect setup for a Columbo episode: wealthy hip hop mogul with a dysfunctional family murders a close associate to keep him from revealing damning information that could ruin his opportunity to take his company public.

    I see this as a sign that we need Columbo now more than ever. The infection of cynical antiheroes has reached epidemic proportions, and antibodies are desperately needed.

  5. Joe Joe

    BTW, Phyllis Diefendorfer was my wife’s name for her vagina.

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