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Month: September 2015

Next on Just One More Thing: “Butterfly in Shades of Grey”

Two returns for the next show- William Shatner as the killer and Alex Knapp ( as our guest. It’s season twelve’s “Butterfly in Shades of Grey,” which has Shatner as a murderous and possessive conservative talk radio host who will do anything to keep his adopted daughter creepy close.

Quid Quo Pro


In “A Friend in Deed,” (dir. Ben Gazzara!) Richard Kiley is an LA police commissioner who helps a pal cover up the murder of his wife. Then, on top of it, Kiley tries to crisscross-Strangers-on-A-Train the guy into helping with the murder of his wife! Not cool. How does Columbo manage the case when he suspects the boss’ boss’ boss? Pretty well, actually. Author and critic Ron Hogan (, The Stewardess Is Flying the Plane!: American Films of the 1970s) talks about what is an awfully good episode and our odd meta theories (Did you know that television is an organism? It’s true, ask your pastor!). Plus, Jon & RJ address a recent serious item.

Next on Just One More Thing: “A Friend in Deed”

What happens when one of LA’s top police brass is the last one who wants Columbo to find the killer? We’ll find out, in season three’s “A Friend in Deed,” starring Richard Kiley. Ron Hogan ( will be here to talk it over with Jon and RJ. The episode is available on DVD and Netflix Instant.

I Think I’m Too Suspicious


Ever wonder exactly where Columbo came from? Well, wonder no more, as we delve into the origins of the show while talking about “Prescription: Murder,” the TV movie that started everything. Okay, well, first there was the short story, then the play, then the 1950s anthology show episode, then this, but it’s all covered in the podcast. Gene Barry is Dr. Ray Fleming, the first in a long, long line of homicidal rich and powerful jerks who don’t count on Lt. Columbo being so awfully good at his job. Tilt Araiza (The Sitcom Club) joins Jon and RJ with an astonishing amount of research and knowledge in the field of Columbology. This is the one that started it all and it’s rather in place from the get-go.