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Month: August 2015

Next on Just One More Thing: “Prescription: Murder”

It’s the TV movie based on the play based on the short story that started everything- “Prescription: Murder,” the absolute, first Columbo. Find out where it all came from and who played Lt. Columbo well before Peter Falk took on the role! Well-versed guest Tilt Araiza (The Sitcom Club) joins Jon and RJ as they go back, back, back to the very beginning.

These People, They Go To Bed Here?


Have you ever thought about what kind of dessert you are? No? Perhaps that’s for the best, because the answer to that question drives sex therapist Lindsay Crouse (rice pudding) to murder her business partner/lover and develop a bit of a split personality in “Sex and the Married Detective.” It’s the third episode of Columbo‘s 80s-90s run and, well, it isn’t the best example of the series. Goodness, that tuba scene. Thankfully, guest “Hollywood” Steve Huey (Yacht Rock, VH1) was more than game to watch Lt. Columbo visit a sex room multiple times.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Sex and the Married Detective”

In season eight’s “Sex and the Married Detective,” Columbo enters the world of sex therapy, courtesans and brass instruments to solve a murder involving a mysterious femme fatale with the exotic name of Lisa. “Hollywood” Steve Huey (Yacht Rock, VH1) joins Jon and RJ to unravel this mess.

Look How Dr. Irving Is Sewing up That Colon

Episode Card_A Stitch In Crime

“A Stitch in Crime” features Leonard Nimoy as Dr. Barry Mayfield, who commits two murders and purposefully botches a heart operation, all to get some revolutionary surgical technique out to the world before someone else does. Columbo has to work past his fear of hospitals and people’s open guts in order to figure out how to trap the doc in the act. Zack Handlen (AV Club) is on the show for some deep analysis and to help Jon and RJ figure out what kind of murderers they look like.