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Month: July 2015

I’m Your Hairy Little Teddy Bear

Episode Card_Lovely But Lethal

In “Lovely But Lethal,” Vera Miles is Viveca Scott, a cosmetics magnate who needs a miracle product to keep her company from going under. When researcher Martin Sheen is discovered taking the formula to the competition, she murders him with the most deadly weapon known to mankind – a microscope. Throw in an alkie chemist, some Vincent Price, a little Bruce Kirby and oh, hey, another killing (this time, by poisoned cigarette) and no amount of foundation can cover up the blemishes of subterfuge and murder. Maybe Columbo’s some sort of cold cream of justice? Sure, let’s go with that. Elle Collins (Into It) helps Jon and RJ sort the whole thing out.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Lovely But Lethal”

Get out your creams and astringents, it’s time to jump into the cutthroat world of beauty products with season three’s “Lovely But Lethal.” Vera Miles kills Martin Sheen with science and there isn’t nearly enough Vincent Price. Joining Jon and RJ will be Elle Collins (Into It).

You Must Belong in Some Pig Sty!

Episode Card_Double Shock

You get twice the Martin Landau for the price of one admission, as he plays murderous twin brothers in “Double Shock.” One’s a devil-may-care host of a TV cooking show, the other’s a staid banker with a crippling gambling addiction. It’s up to Columbo to figure out how they’re tag teaming their killings. Along the way, he also has to deal with a cantankerous housekeeper and an awfully weird Julie Newmar. Abed Gheith (Rick and Morty, Channel 101) joins Jon and RJ to talk about the episode and many, many other digressions.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Double Shock”

Double your pleasure, double your fun, double your MURDER? In season two’s “Double Shock,” Martin Landau plays twin homicidal brothers who off their rich old uncle before he can get married to Julie Newmar. Writer Abed Gheith (Rick and Morty, Channel 101) will be helping Jon and RJ see double.