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Month: May 2015

Shall We Compare Poverty Stories?


Ruth Gordon is mystery novelist and playwright Abigail Mitchell, in season seven’s “Try and Catch Me.” When Mitchell’s beloved niece dies in a boating incident, she suspects murder. When the police fail to find evidence of foul play, she does the next natural thing- killing the niece’s husband by locking him in a vault. Everyone does that, right? Myke Chilian (Uncle Grandpa, Rick and Morty, Channel 101) joins Jon and RJ to see how Columbo could find such a sweet old lady to be such a cold-blooded killer.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Try and Catch Me”

Next time, we’ll be talking about the season seven episode, “Try and Catch Me,” starring the beloved Ruth Gordon as a coldblooded killer, which isn’t quite so beloved. Joining us will be Myke Chilian (Uncle Grandpa, Rick & Morty). The episode is available on Netflix Watch Instantly and DVD, if you’d like to bone up. Ha-ha. “Bone up.”

Artie Stokes. Salt Lake City.


“Undercover” is not a typical Columbo, by any stretch of the imagination. Columbo carries a gun. The mystery (such as it is) isn’t solved until the end. There’s no one central murder. He kind of has a partner. A lot of this is due to it being based on an Ed McBain 87th Precinct novel. But still, why on earth…? And the whole Tyne Daly thing? Anyway, Jon, RJ and returning guest Leonard Pierce ( try to figure out why this season 12 episode happened. It is a very, very strange thing.

Next on Just One More Thing: “Undercover”

Jumping ahead to season twelve for a 1990s Columbo, “Undercover,” in which Columbo goes, well, undercover. Leonard Pierce ( returns to the podcast to help us wrap our heads around this one. The episode is available on DVD or places around the internet, if you’d like to watch along.