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Candyhawkers and Picture-Sellers


In the episode “Swan Song,” gospel singer Johnny Cash murders Ida Lupino. Can Lt. Columbo prove it? RJ, Jon and guest Leonard Pierce dive deep, going through the whole episode. It’s a pilot, so be gentle.


  1. Glenn Glenn

    Bill McKinney went on to appear in half of Clint Eastwood’s 70’s movies. Most noticeably the madman in Thunderbolt & Lightfoot.

    I like this episode. Like you guys said the relationship between Columbo and Tommy is really good which I think separates the good episodes from the bad for the most part.

    I’d put this in my top tier of episodes.

  2. This is one of my most favored episodes. As my username suggests, I am southern, TYVM! lol! I did get a kick out of all the southerner jokes, even if misguided. 😉 My family has lived in the deep south for over 200 years and perhaps what was throwing you, was that there are several southern dialects. To outside ears, they probably sound close to the same. Heck, some southerners don’t even realize it themselves, but I have an ear for dialect and I’ve lived in 5 southern states. Ida’s accent is the old southern accent, the one that Scarlet O’Hara had. In parts of Georgia, they really did speak that way. I don’t know if it sounded that way during the Civil War, but my grandmother and her siblings spoke it. She was raising her children when Gone With the Wind was made, so it was authentic at the time.

    As for the brother-in-law (and in all my southern years, I’ve never heard the surname Basket, lol!) his was more of a deep Kentucky/Tennessee dialect. I wouldn’t call that cowboy, I think of cowboys as Texans and I lived there too. Texans are a little different and less pronounced. In fact, when I moved from Georgia to Houston, Texas I was told I sounded very “country”. I couldn’t believe my ears! This was at the height of the Dallas TV show.

    I’ve never had squirrel, but many country southerners eat them. I kid you not. I was a visiting nurse and one of our patients always had a dead squirrel in her refrigerator. I remember when a Pennsylvanian nurse I worked with, and a dear friend, went out there the first time and opened that refrigerator door up to get the B12, she almost fainted.

    Oh, and Brunswick Stew is made a thousand different ways. Some I love, some I hate. It’s a hit or miss but of course squirrel isn’t an ingredient, but the joke saying it was, was hilarious anyway.

    Really enjoyed the discussion!

  3. Chana Masaledar Chana Masaledar

    Maybe not Brunswick stew, but squirrel was a traditional ingredient in burgoo. It’s true, you can look it up.

    • RJ RJ

      Why, thank you.

  4. Lisa A. Lisa A.

    I just started listening to this podcast. I love it! You guys do a great job.

    Just one thing: Please don’t rag on “Monk” it was a great show. Watch an episode you might actually like it:) I love it and I loved “Psych”. Of course, “Columbo” is a classic and great to watch. You guys do a great job on your podcast. It’s funny and laid back.

    • Lisa A. Lisa A.

      One question: How do you pick the episodes you review? I don’t think it is in season order right?

      • RJ RJ

        No, we kind of bounce all over. If a guest has a particular one they want to do, we let them pick. Otherwise, we try to pick one that suits their background or fits in with whichever other episodes we’ve done recently.

    • RJ RJ

      Thank you.

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