Hello, again

Well, it has been two or three years since this site has been updated on anything resembling a regular basis, but that will hopefully change in the near future. I cannot guarantee anything, but I’m hoping to turn my attention toward The City Desk once again, work the cobwebs out of my head and trick some old and new contributors into coming back to tell stories about the present and past of this fake place.

What has likely happened there since 2009? Maybe:

– A casino?
– One of the newspapers shut down, which one?  I am not sure.
– Another riot or so?
– Some Other Things.

So, thank you for being patient, if you’ve kept this dormant in your bookmarks or RSS feed this whole time. I am hoping that we will be showing up with new material more often than not.

If you’d like to join in the fun, here are details about submissions.

– RJ White

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