:: RJ White lives in the city. He edited Fake Criterions, The Angry Police Captain and occasionally writes for @FakeAPStylebook, as well as other sites. His work has appeared on,, and Supermasterpiece, as well as in the books “Created In Darkness by Troubled Americans: The Best of McSweeney’s, Humor Category” and “Write More Good.” He also used to host the Wasted Words podcast, which involved some drinking.

:: David Andrews posts prosaic lyrics at and lyrical prose at He enjoys singing, dancing and acting like an oxymoron.

:: Shek Baker lives in the city, maintaining a plush home in the President Heights neighborhood. Unique among the manses on Buchanan Street, it is still operated by indentured servants – owing to the “grandfather clause” of the 14th Amendment.

:: Benjamin Birdie worked for many years to earn the prestigious writing degrees that currently hang over the desk of his unrelated job and his drawing table. You can watch him further confuse the issue several times a week at

:: Aaron Bleyaert was born on an April day in 1975. He went to school consistently from 1980 to 1997, a record which stands amongst his siblings to this day.

:: Brodie H. Brockie is the co-creator of and makes comedy videos with A Monkey & A Typewriter Productions. He enjoys wearing hats at jaunty angles, whistling and daydreams.

:: Mickie Cathers is a bon vivant, with degrees in English Literature, Information Science, and Hard Knocks.

:: Kevin Church writes comic books in the city, usually with the help of fine bourbon.

:: Victor A. Crawford III (aka Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy, Dirty Buttons, The Suburban Pimpernel) is a dilettante, popinjay, and chutney-bottomed ninnyroger. They seek him *here* and they seek him *there* .

:: Laura Dinkins-White is a whirligig.

:: Sean Fraga is from an island in the Pacific Northwest. Three years ago, he moved to the city to attend college. Sean is majoring in American Studies, with a focus on architecture, geography, and the built environment. Read about his confusion with modernity at

:: Craig Gaines co-hosts the fictional podcast Hudson & Gaines and and is pinning the success of his freelance enterprise on his blog about words, The Writing Guide. He lives in Los Angeles.

:: Ben Greenman is an editor at the New Yorker. He is the author of several books of fiction, including “A Circle Is a Balloon and Compass Both,” “Correspondences,” and the recently-released “Please Step Back.” He lives a few states over, in Brooklyn.

:: Ben Grossblatt was raised on the grounds of the Clydesdale Home for Miscreants. He has gone on to become a “productive” member of society.

:: Gutbloom is the mayor of LiveJournal, a crumbling city on the blogosphere. He intends to stay there because the rent is cheap and all of the prostitutes know his name.

:: Ray Ingraham is not a licensed physician, and therefore should probably not be selling medical advice and prescription pads to people from the back of his van.

:: S. Jones was shocked to find that the opposing party in the 2 decade-long lawsuit would allow him to have any material posted anywhere without seeking further damages. All but the first letter of Mr. Jones’s first name is embroiled in in an altogether different bit of litigation.

:: A PR flunky by day and writer of curiosities by night, Liz Lent is also editor of The Park Bench, a blog dedicated to the girl nerd way of life.

:: Born and raised in the beautiful Midwest, Sara Lepro is now a New York-based writer. Her personal hero is Mick Jagger.

:: Stephen Levinson lives in the city, where he writes jokes and makes funny videos, many of which can be found at He’s also the co-founder of, a comedy website.

:: Miles Link may hit you up for money, but don’t worry, he’s harmless. Something possessed him to write a blog-

:: Chris Messick is a co-founder of

:: Jonathan Morris is a blend of unfortunate herbs and spices. He mostly draws things, and these things may be found at, and mostly nowhere else.

:: Jonathan Muller is a cliche wrapped in a stereotype inside of a platitude

:: As a new economy day laborer, Ilya Perchikovsky helps to build cities out of recycled glass and concrete at You can find him in search of green in the American Midwestern concrete jungles.

:: Leonard Pierce is a freelance writer, and wants to know what you’re going to do about it. He operates a mass grave for short humor located at

:: Cedric Rose is trying to program his computer to write a book titled “Easy Living in the Information Age,” about a guy who is trying to program his computer to write a

:: Hoyt Schermerhorn: Any similarities with the Hoyt Schermerhorn subway station in Brooklyn are purely coincidental. His work (under a different guise) has been seen on Gothamist and on The New York Limes. Step in and stand clear of the closing doors!

:: Matt Vermeulen is an AR Analyst who enjoys table tennis.

:: Josh Wilson swallowed a ball bearing when he was very young and has always wondered about its effect on his health. But while he remains alive, he can be found at He is standing behind you right now, but will quickly hide if you turn around.

Photos: Library of Congress, Rushhills

co-hosts the fictional podcast Hudson & Gaines and is pinning the success of his freelance enterprise on his blog about words, The Writing Guide. He lives in Los Angeles.

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