“The way to get at what goes on in the seemingly mysterious and perverse behavior of cities is, I think, to look closely, and with little previous expectation as is possible, at the most ordinary scenes and events, and attempt to see what they mean and whether any threads of principle emerge among them.”
– Jane Jacobs, The Death And Life of Great American Cities

“Nothing, you see, holds static in a restless city.”
– Meyer Berger

The City Desk is now accepting submissions. Details may be found here.

Is there anything/anyone in the city you’d like to know more about? Drop us a line and we’ll look into it- thecitydesk@gmail.com

What they’re saying
“At times subtle, other times flat-out absurd, the humor found on The City Desk touches the basic levels of humanity, filtered and magnified through the lens of urban life. ” – Next American City

“…a perfect mix of literature, reportage, and wit…” – Life Without Buildings

“Worth your time.” – The Morning News

“It is the paper of record for every neighbourhood you have ever lived in. It’s so familiar, so accurate, it makes you realize how foolish urban life and obsessions can be.” – Canuckflack

“…strangely fascinating…” – Neatorama

“After browsing for a while, I’m still not sure what it is, but I like it.” – Some guy at Metafilter

“Can’t an [sic] little known ‘The City Desk’ get the story correct?” – Angry commenter named “Darel”

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