Friday Facts: “Bleeping Kids, Bleeping Bleep Ducks”

fridayfacts_icn:: Number of times that there have been cited (by the FCC) instances of accidental profanity on local newscasts- 31

:: Number of these which have resulted in the firing of a local anchor/reporter- 1 (Arthur Stevens, in what has come to be known as the “4-H Incident,” 1983)

:: Advertising on public transit, by type- 45% Health Care/Rehabilitation Facilities, 30% Legal Services, 12% Fast Food, 5% Entertainment/Movies, 2% Public Transit, 6% Other.

:: Number of restaurants classified specifically under the “Chop Suey” catrgory in local directories: 1, University Chop Suey

:: Years that Sparman’s Records (closing for good this Sunday at 10pm) has been in business- 58

:: Years Sparman’s has been in their current University Center location- 56

:: Starting Monday, the City News Vendors Association (CNVA), a loose conglomeration of 213 newsstand operators enacts a new regulation “to obscure excessive cleavage and/or sexually suggestive content on the covers of periodicals within plain view of the public.” As a compromise, judgment on what should be covered will be left to individual CNVA vendors.
– R. White

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