Links of Interest, Contributor News- 6.20

City Desk Icon:: Michelle Lord’s “Future Ruins” [BldgBlog]

:: Running The Numbers, An American Self-Portrait [via Very Short List]

:: Going to the Opera in the Year 2000 (1882) [Paleo-Future]

:: Thomas the NJ Transit Train [McSweeney’s]

:: Pictures of Insanely Complex Intersections [via]

What are some City Desk contributors up to lately, you ask?
:: This weekend, the MoCCA Art Festival takes place in New York. I’ll be up there, probably hanging out at the table, where the Classics Alive! mini-comic will be on sale, as well as other fine publications from that web publishing concern. Also, keep an eye out for City Desk contributor Kevin Church, who recently gave away a bunch of comic books.

:: Jon Morris’ Jeremy: The Complete Strip Collection is now available for purchase.

:: Brodie Brockie talks about his recent experiences as a Disneyland Jungle Cruise guide on the Inside the Magic podcast (episode 115).

:: Episode 18 of Hudson and Gaines is now available.
– R. White

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