A Cold Supper, a Hot Tub and Bed

Episode Card_Rest in Peace Mrs Columbo

Hopefully, “Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo” will put lie to the “There is no Mrs. Columbo” conspiracy theories out there. Because, in this one, someone actually tries to take out the Lieutenant’s wife! Helen Shaver plays Vivian DiMitri, a crooked real estate agent whose husband was sent to the pen by Columbo a few years ago. The guy died in the joint, so she kills her boss (who may have ratted the husband out), mostly to bring Columbo into the case. Her grand plan to take down Columbo? Find his wife’s favorite type of toast spread, apparently. Illustrator Stevie VanBronkhorst (@spoolses)is here to help Jon and RJ make some sense of all of this. Also, we all learn a bit about the wonderful town of Warrenton, Virginia.

7 comments on “A Cold Supper, a Hot Tub and Bed

  1. Loving the podcast. Agree with the take on the lead’s voice not being the best for such a villainous role. It kind of reminds me of Jennifer Darling who played Oscar Goldman’s secretary, “Callahan.”

  2. The fake funeral annoys me as an example of Columbo’s “blank cheque” approach to policing, which I think is something that gets worse in the 90s (?). I think this explains the decor in Sgt Brady’s place, Columbo can call upon the limitless resources of the LAPD to transform Brady’s musty clubhouse into the ideal abode in which a widowed detective can cry and regret.

    When this episode first went out, I did fall for the idea they’d actually killed Mrs Columbo. It seemed to me that as rhetorical devices go, it was fine to replace “my wife” with “my wife, God rest her soul”.

    1. But how come the LAPD’s “Fake Griefhole” budget didn’t stretch to putting fish in the fish tank?! Columbo tries to brazen it out anyway. And Vivian doesn’t seem to notice! Have they both gone mad? (I mean, it’s not just me, right? There really are no fish in that tank..?)


  3. I’m really, really loving the little skits at the end of the podcast. This was one of the best yet. Really funny. I also appreciated that you guys filled in some of the details of the episode, because this wasn’t an easy one to get a hold of. First time I’ve listened to a podcast without watching the ep first and I think I followed it just fine.

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