fridayfacts_icn:: Word has it that the Journal-Clarion will be holding an online chat with the men portraying this year’s ceremonial “Three Hoboes” soon after they are announced. We will keep you posted.

:: Date set for the demolition of the incomplete Elks Hall: January 25, 2008

:: How long the unfinished Neo-Gothic structure has sat dormant, in what is now the redeveloping Brewery Quarter: 77 years

:: Some proposed uses for finishing the building over the years: Hotel, recreation center, munitions factory, National Guard armory, roller rink, brewery, movie theater, produce distribution center, night club complex, Elks Lodge

:: What will be built there by Bradburn Property Trust: Luxury townhouses

:: The nine-month project to refit the “YOU ARE NOW ALMOST HOME” sign on the Wendell Willkie Bridge with LED lights has finally been completed: Wendell Willkie Bridge - December 2007
J. Seeny, Journal-Clarion

:: Cost of conversion: $2.3 million

:: Savings in energy costs/year (estimated): Over $100,000
– RJ White

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