Lighting the Natural Gas Menorah

City Desk IconProgramming Change: It has just been announced that, due to the recent snowfall, the plaza in front of the QuadstatesEC (formerly Energonistics, formerly Municipal Gas Works) headquarters on East Main Street in the Central Corridor will not cleared enough for the mass dreidel spin after the lighting of the “Eternaflame” natural gas menorah this evening. Commemorative dreidels to makrk this first night of Hanukkah will still be handed out to the assembled crowd, however.

At 5:30pm tonight, the menorah will join the natural gas jet Christmas tree, set aflame with a ceremonial butane lighting wand last Friday. Those worried about any wasted energy will be glad to know that this year’s holiday flames will utilize QuadstatesEC’s new ConservJet technology, more information about which can be found in the building’s ground-level Energy Store and Info Center, open until 8pm through the holiday season.

All of this comes as a relief after last year’s lackluster show (many gas jet outages) and worries about Energonistics’ contentious merger possibly putting the kibosh on this year’s display.

The Kwanzaa ear of corn will be lit December 26.
– RJ White

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