The City Desk’s Second Anniversary – China Plates Made of Cotton

This week marks the second anniversary of The City Desk. Two years ago, I had an idea for a weird weblog/online fiction publication hybrid and have been lucky to have people come by to read it and even luckier to have found a massively talented bunch of contributors to build this fake city. In commemoration of this, I asked contributors to choose some of their favorite pieces from year two. Here’s a selection-

:: The City’s Runaway Neighborhood Threatens Again

:: A Letter From the Scientific Front- Mind Games

:: The Escape of Alfonzo Salazar, Hoarder

:: The City’s Letters to Santa

:: Amandour Prison’s Final Inmate

:: Traffic Scofflaws Forced To Run Marathon

:: Snapshots: Traffic Fatalities, 1946

:: The Blotter: Potato Guns Are Surprisingly Illegal

:: Times That the Sword of General Gainsborough has Gone Missing

:: The City’s Whale-Oil Pipeline

:: Smorgasbord: The First Forkful

:: Nice Work If You Can Get It: The Love Cats That Dare Not Speak Its Name

:: Code 54 – Possible Body on the Tracks

Of course, this is by no means exhaustive. Please use the search, browse by date or pull up a category and explore this thing we’ve all created.

Also, be sure to mark down any continuity mistakes and send them in, as they will be ignored.

Thank you to everyone for reading and I hope year three goes half as well as this one did.
– RJ White, Editor

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