The Blotter: Potato Guns Are Surprisingly Illegal

As a public service, The City Desk periodically offers up selected items culled from local police reports. (Note: More violent, standard items do not frequently show up here, as they are covered in the local papers with regularity.)

7:23 am
3700 block of Pennsylvania Avenue: A group of students are arrested after carrying Davidson High School principal Stephanie Allen’s 2007 Mini Cooper into the school’s second-floor cafeteria. The students, who are all underage, are charged with grand theft auto, operating a motor vehicle without a license, disorderly conduct, local and state hazardous-materials infractions, vandalism, property destruction and a parking violation.

9:02 am
1700 block of Marway Lane: Tandem bicycle reported stolen.

9:27 pm
2000 block of Dunn Avenue: Gupta’s Stop ‘n’ Pop calls in a shoplifting incident. When police arrive, suspect claims that Gupta offers free in-store refills on fountain drinks. Mr. Gupta explains that the policy was never meant to be offered in perpetuity, and the suspect, who has been continually refilling his 44-oz. Mountain Dew since 1:30 PM the previous day, is violating the spirit of the contract. No charges are filed, but suspect is politely asked to leave.

12:52 pm
2100 block of Villers Street: A 22-year-old suspect is taken into custody after having waved a firearm in a threatening manner on the public thoroughfare. He is quickly released, however, when it is discovered that the gun is carved out of a potato.

1:30 pm
2100 block of Villers Street: The 22-year-old suspect is rearrested when dispatcher informs officers of an extant law prohibiting the duplication of illegal weapons out of vegetables.

5:12 pm
6800 block Saint Clair Avenue: A woman reports that her 1963 Studebaker Lark has been stolen.

8:12 pm
4700 block of Humber Avenue: A man reports that three chairs and a pitcher of lemonade were stolen from his front porch.

9:15 pm
200 block of Nebraska Avenue, A woman reports that someone has placed honey in the lock of her front door.

10:22 pm
1400 block of Pacific Street: A man reports that someone has trimmed his bushes without authorization.

11:03 pm
1300 block of Newbury Street: A woman reports the loss of her cell phone in a taxi.

11:33 pm
John Paul Jones Park: Officers recover a 1963 Studebaker Lark from the playground. Police report that it was the same vehicle reported missing earlier.

3:32 pm
300 block of Coffey Street, Emergency Services Unit officers rescue a male child who had his head stuck in a fence.
– Craig Gaines, Leonard Pierce, Hoyt Schermerhorn

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