Smorgasbord: Like Comfortable, Expensive Sweat Pants

The Deluxe Diner
High-end comfort food may be a trend that’s two years past its sell-by date, but don’t tell chef/owner Alexa Dupree that as her place still offers the best late-night finer-dining in the city. Their summer menu features the best fried green tomatoes ($14) this side of the Mason-Dixon line, cornmeal-crusted and perfectly cooked. It’s the appetizer you’ll want to make a meal out of, but you really shouldn’t; that chicken salad club sandwich ($28) with the thick-cut, locally-smoked bacon requires your attention.
2285 8th Avenue | Reservations Recommended

Trattoria Milano
Sbarro is a third the price and twice as good. It’s a shame their wine list (heavy on the Sangiovese and, surprisingly, the Barbera) means that we’ll be coming back to sit at their bar and munch on those Sysco breadsticks that we love despite knowing better. (Wines range from $9-17 a glass, $28-130 for a bottle.)
12 Washington Way | Reservations Recommended

Parker’s Frozen Custard Stand
With the warmer afternoons and evenings, we’re glad to see that the old ticket window for The Spire Theater is once again dishing out some fantastic locally-made dairy treats that you’ll have to restrain yourself around. Our pick is a medium chocolate with caramel-glazed almonds ($4), but you can’t go wrong with just about anything on their menu.
1399 Highland Ave | No Reservations

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