Friday Facts: Hooper Slaw, Sal’s Famous, Bloop

fridayfacts_icn:: Number of consecutive weeks the Griswold Arthouse has featured Jaws as its “Friday Midnight Movie”: 1,664

:: Number of “Jaws Burger” fried fish sandwiches sold at the adjacent President Heights Cafe’ during in that time: 41,679

:: Percentage sold between the hours of 2 am and 5 am Saturday morning: 83

:: Number of stars awarded the President Heights Cafe’ by irascible Alternative Weekly food critic Gram Sanders: one-half

:: To the Jaws Burger fried fish sandwich specifically: zero

:: The annual Founder’s Day Film Festival (FFF) will be held from August 8 – 11 this summer, with the official celebration of Founder’s Day to occur on Monday, August 11. This will also, as usual, be a paid holiday for all city employees. The theme for this year’s festival is the highly appropriate ‘Summer in the City,’ and the Monday afternoon Founder’s Day matinee will be Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. The comprehensive FFF schedule will be released on Friday, June 6.

:: Today, the City Council is scheduled to repeal a 1946 ordinance which banned from city limits any and all stand-alone arcade devices and games. The measure was intended to curb the use of pinball machines in casual gambling, but had the unintended effect many years later of making it illegal to own or operate any cabinet-style video game within city limits (although that aspect of the law was rarely observed and even more rarely enforced, with the city boasting 230 video game arcades during the peak of the fad in 1984).

The Video Game Museum at Mabel Tripp Gardens will be celebrating the occasion by making available for play many of their exhibited games, including Galaga, Defender and Altered Beast.
– David Andrews, Shek Baker, Jon Morris

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