While We Were Out

Over The City Desk’s brief hiatus-

:: No city officials were indicted or arrested.

:: William Atherton withdrew from the mayoral race, rightfully citing it as “gimmicky.”

:: Eleven people were murdered- eight shootings, two stabbings and one vehicular homicide (pending).

:: Three City-Suburban Transit Authority (CSTA) drivers received medals at a national “Bus Rodeo.”

:: The Subway restaurant on Archer Avenue reopened, with inexplicably fancy cafe’ seating.

:: The Mighty Elms have thus far posted a winning record in the season’s first week and a half.

:: A 45-year-old man was crushed by 300 pounds of falling lumber at the grand opening of the Lowe’s on Northside Boulevard.

:: Countless of the city’s residents have fallen in/out of love.

:: Time continued its inexorable march forward.

:: I watched a lot of Arrested Development.

How have you been?
– RJ White

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