In Case You Missed It, No. 2

City Desk IconDue to outside matters and a complete and utter lack of content, The City Desk will be taking a short break. In the meantime, here are some pieces you may have missed the first time around:

Save the Legacy Diner (Maybe)
In which Shek Baker weaves a tale of historical preservation that may or may not be warranted.

Stuff Sullivan’s “Cylinder of Dominance”
In which Craig Gaines tells the tragic tale of a local car salesman’s bid to control everything he sees.

The tiny homes of Samson Heights
In which RJ White explores the origins of a persistent urban legend.

When the Moving Pictures Came to Town
In which Matt Vermeulen tells of the city’s bid to be come the film-making mecca of the East Coast long, long ago.

The City’s Letters to Santa
Leonard Pierce’s history of a newspaper’s policy of publishing any letter addressed to Santa, no matter what. Also, the first reference to Lettrism on The City Desk.

What a Character!: Monsieur LeSteak
In which Jon Morris introduces us to another of the city’s retired advertising mascots. This time, a slab of meat that likes to stab itself.

Some Items About Our City Flag
In this very clearly-titled piece, David Andrews introduces us to some facts (items, if you will) about our city flag.

Even more can be found in browsing our archives to the right, by category, date or Google search. Or, we would also suggest that you perhaps browse some of the fine sites linked on the left. We will (hopefully) be returning soon. Thank you.

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