Friday Facts: “Shall our city be given over to the terorists? [sic]”

fridayfacts_icn:: Number of “informational” flyers distributed this week on windshields and utility poles in the Parklawn section, insinuating that mayoral hopeful and City Councilman Terence Williams was once married to someone who may or may not have had relatives who were of the Muslim faith: Approx. 2,000

:: Number of spelling & grammatical errors in the screed: 24

:: Rival candidates/organizations taking credit for the flyers: 0

:: Williams’ current position in the latest polling: Second (by 3 points)

:: Number of 2008 major party U.S. Presidential aspirants to visit the city: 4
• John McCain’s bus passed through the city, stopping briefly for a bathroom break at the Denny’s on North Algonquin Avenue, on January 2, 2008
• Hillary Clinton addressed the local Association of Realtors at the Hyatt Regency Downtown on November 29, 2007
• Mitt Romney held a fundraiser at the local Association of Business Brokers meeting on December 9, 2007
• Barack Obama visited the city in the summer of 1981 (after leaving Occidental College and before enrolling at Columbia University).

:: Number of stories regarding the appearance of the image of Christ on the cross or the Virgin Mary reported in local media outlets (newspaper, television, radio) between 1998 and 2008: 14
[Apartment wall, apple core, birthmark, block of brie, cat (3), pony, potato (2), sidewalk crack, stump, subway tunnel, supermarket window]

:: Countries visited by Mayor Wilders for professional development seminars, mayoral conferences, or to promote economic investment in the city since taking office: 17
[Aruba, Andorra, Australia, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Great Britain (Ireland), Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Rwanda, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam]

:: Number of city streets beginning with the letter Q: 5
[Quality Place, Quamog Avenue, Quentin Street, Quigley Blvd., Quine Street]
– David Andrews, RJ White

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