Friday Facts: That Which Rests On One’s Shoulders

fridayfacts_icn:: Number of police districts which accounted for 65% of the city’s violent crimes in 2007, according to a report released this week: 7

:: Total number of police districts in the city: 21

:: Channel 8 weather report reader Destiny Edwards returns on Monday morning’s program, which will also feature the winner of the “Guess the Weight of Destiny” contest. Viewers were invited to take a stab at guessing how much more svelte she would be after her 4-week stay at a “nutrition camp.”

:: Fire engine numbers which have been “retired” over the years: 23, 8, 39, 2, 10

:: Number of these which were retired due to their association with a horrible tragedy: 1 (No. 23)

:: Popular rock act R.E.M. has not visited this city in its last 11 tours.

:: Number of Hindu temples offering a car blessing service: 2

:: From 1889 to 1973 tobacconists were prohibited from also selling men’s and women’s fragrances.
– RJ White

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