In Case You Missed It, No. 1

City Desk IconOr: What happens when the editorial staff has a short and busy work week, due to an impending trip to Chicago.

We thought we’d dig into the archives a bit this week and highlight some past pieces. If you haven’t seen them, this will be a pleasant surprise. If you have, then it should be like revisiting old friends.

The Permanence of Gillard’s Electric Typewriter Service
In which Leonard Pierce examines that one business in the neighborhood which has been around for decades, despite never seeming to be open. Or, in any way useful. Also, the first (and last) appearance of the city’s other alternative newspaper.

The Underground Winter Zoo
In which Matt Vermeulen tells the tale of the rather controversial way in which the Pullman Zoo would house its residents over the more frigid months.

The Last Will and Testament of Rory Sheehan
In which Miles Link drops some historical science on us all about one of the city’s most notorious gangsters and the mystery of his death and estate. Notable for introducing “Rory the gal” into the cultural argot.

What a Character!- What’s Ailing Sol?
In which Jon Morris relates the history of one of the city’s lost advertising icons.

The Third Baseball League
In which David Andrews tells how we almost had a professional baseball team.

Behind the Headlines
In which RJ White interviews the editor of the News for a sort-of commentary track on the tabloid-format paper’s more memorable headlines.

Of course, this is but a sampling of the wonderful stories available here. The right-hand column offers everything you’d need to browse around for awhile- by category, by random draw or by Google search. Enjoy.

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